I normally am slow to publicly criticise the church, clergy etc even if I want to. But they usually have to be a real Christian/Reverand/Church first.

“Reverand Robert West” will be the BNPs candidate in the upcoming Norwich North by-election.
He allegedly heads the so-called Christian Council of Britain (CCOB). Imagine my euphoria when I discovered he isn’t a real reverend.

1) I cannot find any church he is associated with. He was kicked out as far as I can tell.
2) I cannot find any line of apostolic accountability associated with CCOB. If your name is Robert West and you’re wondering what that is, its in the Bible.
3) As far as I can tell CCOB has a membership of at least 1. Takes its name from the muslim council of britain. Yup. Don’t get me started…

Any proper biblical Christian looking at that website can rip the whole thing apart in a couple of clicks.
Change the title and there would be nothing on it that would make you think it was Christian. A couple of broken links to ‘hymns’ and ‘poetry’ isnt exactly convincing me of sold-out love for Jesus. Honestly. The only thing they got around to uploading was racist rants.

It hurts me that people think they can steal the name of Jesus for their own ends. They just call themselves Rev or Protestant or whatever and think that does the trick. To claim that you represent a people you know nothing about, and a God you don’t know…

Actually we all do that.
Some people don’t use Christianity as a mask to hide behind though. For some its not even a religion – its more fervent and harder to put into a title or sentence or song. Its everything they ever wanted, and never thought they could have – to know God, to be known by God all the sin in our way removed. To love God and to be loved by God – and captivated – not following from a distance like a religious follower but faster, running right up, wanting to know Him more…seeing in His teaching a wonderful way to be like Him.

Heres a quote from somebody who I’m thankful to Rev West for drawing the sharpest of contrasts with:

“Without equivocation or hesitation I fully and completely admit that I deny the resurrection of Christ. This is something that anyone who knows me could tell you, and I am not afraid to say it publicly, no matter what some people may thinkā€¦

I deny the resurrection of Christ every time I do not serve at the feet of the oppressed, each day that I turn my back on the poor; I deny the resurrection of Christ when I close my ears to the cries of the downtrodden and lend my support to an unjust and corrupt system.

However there are moments when I affirm that resurrection, few and far between as they are. I affirm it when I stand up for those who are forced to live on their knees, when I speak for those who have had their tongues torn out, when I cry for those who have no more tears left to shed.”

~ Pete Rollins (hat tip http://emmsy.wordpress.com)

I promise you if you look for it you will be able to tell the difference between a fake and someone whose life has been changed by God.