Hullo. My name is Forge Lindin, and I’m an ultra-Christian ultra-left wing ultra-right wing particle physicist in training. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of friends. 

I’m not a politician, and have no interest in political office. I would probably just throw phones at people.

I’m not a floating voter – I’m a slipping one. I started off supporting Scottish Labour, which is different from Labour Labour mind, no identity cards for a start. They’re a bit mad when it comes to nuclear weapons though, watch out for them. Well, the weapons too I suppose.

Since then I’ve had Iraq and a deterioration in civil liberties pulling me away. To make matters worse I’ve decided I’m in favour of unlimited immigration, against “British jobs for British workers”, and have a vendetta against Phil Woolas, the incumbant immigration minister, at time of writing anyway. He will defect to the right at the next election, just watch. I feel my feet slip, stare down and see the lib dems – the only people mad enough to support a fair trade economy.

And still Gordon Brown tugs me back to labour sympathy with all this nationalisation of the banks and so forth. Its like he is ticking off a socialist wish list and getting all of the stick for it, but none of the credit. 

At the same time I’d get my palms slapped by many on the left for being against abortion and in favour of unlimited freedom of speech. Or will I?


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