Labour Leadership

May 25, 2010 – you can see how much support each of the candidates have.

And it looks like the PLP are not as mad as I thought.

Ed Milliband is far and away the best communicator. He will be the David Cameron of the leadership set – unknown by the public now, but come his first conference speech, everything changes. He’s intelligent, he engages with supporters, he seems to care. Mind you I don’t know what any of his policies are. Bit like David Cameron in his own leadership campaign then.

Ed Balls hasn’t even got his wife to nominate him yet. I don’t rate him highly, but he is probably the second best communicator of the lot.

David Milliband is shocking on tv, he’s nervous and doesn’t think well on his feet. And I’m sorry, but if it’s true that he thinks that Labour have been ‘punished enough for Iraq’ then I don’t think he understands the human cost more than the electoral one.

Diane Abbott won’t attract votes from ‘ethnic minority’ or ‘women’ MPs, as if there were enough of them anyway in the PLP, rather she will attract the votes of crazy people. How she can say all the candidates ‘look the same’ and expect to be supported beggars belief. She doesn’t have an automatic right to be on the ballot paper just because shes a woman, or because she’s black and its patronising to suggest otherwise. Obama wasn’t elected because he was black, but because he was the best candidate.

John McDonnell – I hope he gets in simply because it will make the race far more interesting and provoke far more policy discussion.

Andy Burnham – so far not really feeling it.

I think Jon Cruddas called it right, whether because of collective responsibility or something else, we have known these guys for so long but we simply don’t know what they stand for, so its hard to call. For all I know Ed Milliband believes we should remove road signs and replace them with wind turbines. That doesn’t matter right now because its only the labour MPs who have a vote for the moment. We can’t really tell until the tv debates who has the best policies.


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