David Cameron

May 2, 2010

The likelihood is that I will vote Labour on Thursday, unless my pro-immigration conscience gets in the way. I wouldn’t vote Conservative in a month of Sundays. I don’t like their policies and I don’t like their ideology.I believe in a large state as the best central provision for our nation’s poor, I believe in the public sector.

But I will say this for David Cameron, our future Prime Minister, he hasn’t so much detoxified the Conservative party as uh…toxified …the Labour party.

The conservatives were nowhere on the economy when Cameron took over. Now finally, we can at last say David Cameron has had a good recession. Though Brown’s actions with the banks, and subsequent interventions have probably saved our state Brown’s greatest strength has been diminished. Though Labour’s historically socialist ideology was the answer to saving the banks, the Conservatives present their smaller state ideology as the solution to our debt problem, they say that we can’t afford a Labour party. The narrative on debt and waste has made conservative ideology on smaller government go viral. I think the public has softened its position on a smaller state. Unfortunately. The narrative on Brown’s personality has gone viral too. He’s never been able to reframe his grumpy tough demeanor as an asset.

Although I do hope that Labour are the largest party in a hung parliament, with the largest share of the popular vote, I don’t want people to simply disengage with politics for five years because their man didn’t get in. All this mud slinging between the parties is ridiculous. The policies of the three main parties will have an effect on our jobs, our standard of living, our security and our future. But it is not some kind of hardcore russian roulette, with only one missing bullet, that it justifies the extent of the vitriol directed at each of the leaders. If it is, I’m not playing.

Although the Conservatives would be my last and eighth choice for Government, I think they do have an exciting narrative. Granted I disagree with it completely, but they have a vision for localism, debt reduction and a s-s-s-smaller state and bigger society.

David Cameron and those behind him haven’t just made his party more palatable through pr, and electable through joined up policy but he’s made them more interesting. Good, fine. Now whatever you do, don’t vote for them.


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