Suddenly your vote matters

April 29, 2010

I know many people who read this will be living in a super safe constituency and won’t feel there’s much of a point in voting. If you have a bunch of no hoper candidates then that will make it even worse. The first past the post system can make people in these circumstances less inclined to vote. I reckon if you know someone is going to get in anyway, the likelihood to vote saturates at some point. In addition, tactical voting comes into play when you believe your chosen party can’t possibly get in. For these reasons and more, you can’t interpret the result of a FPTP system in a Proportional Representation way.

Since we are in a first past the post system it should be the number of seats which matter. Thats not an endorsement of the first past the post just a fact.

However, the Liberal Democrats have made it clear that they will be interpreting the response of the electorate through the popular vote. Although I disagree with taking this approach before we have the proper electoral reform to support it, Nick Clegg doesn’t read my facebook notes. Like yesterday’s.

So even if your chosen candidate is guarranteed to go in because its a safe seat, you should vote anyway in order to be counted in the national popular vote. #nickcleggsfault


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