The difference between medicine and fact

March 4, 2010

I don’t want people to be unemployed. But I do support the cessation of funding to homeopathy within the NHS. I am frustrated to hear that contrary to previous remarks, in fact Gartnavel’s homeopathy services will be retained:

People say that one day science will be on their side, but why withhold the treatement now*. Yet, I think theres a great story to be told about what real science can do now but doesn’t because the funding isn’t there to apply it. Oh if we could have more than just MRI and X-Ray facilities in hospitals but invest properly in heavy ion, proton, or other alternative SCIENTIFIC therapy in this country so that we can eliminate cancers without causing them.I remember speaking to one Glasgow MSP about this and he asked me whether as a scientist I supported his calls for more homeopathic treatment in hospital wards. He was visibly shocked by my answer.

I really think medicine should look to become a proper science, rather than a sibling to case study, anecdote and quackery.

*Maybe it is real. I don’t think it is but maybe it is. What if it isn’t science? Stressed? Have some hinduism (yoga). Sore? Have some ancient chinese religion (accupuncture). I mean there’s no chi anywhere in your body. You can’t bottle chi or sell it. If you are going to offer religion then you have to advise the patient thats what it is or they will confuse medince, science and homeopathy as all being the same thing. You’re not sticking needles in my gran, tin foil hat or not.

Oh, join the facebook group! ‘The NHS in Scotland should not fund quackery and Pseudoscience’


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