BBC reveals big long number, which doesn’t hurt you but sure doesn’t help you

February 9, 2010

Around £230 million is spent on performers and presenters at the BBC. Who cares?

We are talking about one of the best if not the best broadcasters in the entire world, which provides a public service not only to Britain but globally, with their repeats of Keeping Up Appearances and or you’re lucky, Doctor Who.

Do we really want our TV to go the way of our european counterparts? Do we want Spanish, or Italian tv solutions? Or do we want our best talent drained to America?I have no problem with entertainers becoming filthy rich. Who really cares? If we aren’t content with our lives we should address that within ourselves rather than requiring everyone else to make changes. With all the fuss about remuneration, sometimes I think we’re becoming more communist by the second – how long until everyone is paid the same rate as a bus driver?

MPs are putting pressure on the BBC to disclose more about their reward structures. It’s like a warning shot – the more you cover our expenses, the more we’ll spotlight what happens in the studio or the newspapers or the lobby. And I agree in so far as it is absolutely legitimate to shine a light on expenses claims etc in the public sector. But their pay is their pay, there can be no allegation of fraud here.

Obviously of order £135 is a lot to spend on an annual tv license. You want to hope that this is being spent well. Turn on your television and make your own mind up. By all means criticise what bias you can find but be sure to then go to or (popular uk blog) or take a walk down your newsagents and see whats waiting, when there’s no BBC.


One Response to “BBC reveals big long number, which doesn’t hurt you but sure doesn’t help you”

  1. Andy Says:

    You almost sound as if you like the BBC!

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