Why David Milliband?

January 10, 2010

Sorry to sound like a broken record.

I’ve just never understood why David Milliband is given such prominence as a future leadership candidate. He may, without my knowing it, be very good at his job, but when has he demonstrated a particular set of skills that would elevate to leadership?

He isn’t that great at answering questions. I have no idea if he has policies, and if he does, quite who they would likely most appeal to. (I doubt he would be as left as Gordon). He doesn’t give Labour’s most inspiring speeches. He hasn’t got a range of experience outwith foreign policy and the environment.

I think he has benefited tremendously from the ‘anyone but Gordon’ feeling. If it wasn’t for speculation over his leadership potential, his natural value would not match up with foreign secretary. His only currency isn’t charisma but speculation.

None of that is to say that he would be a bad leader. I just can’t see why people assume he would be a better leader.


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