Righteous Immigration

May 13, 2009

The BNP are determined to make immigration an issue again at this election. Apparently we have to look after ourselves first, its just too risky to let impoverished foreign workers take the most dangerous jobs, the ones we won’t touch.

Speaking of extremism, if there was one minister I’d shuffle right out of government it would be Phil Woolas. He was perhaps appointed as one of the few MPs more extreme on this issue than the British public. As recently as March he accused the office of national statistics of ‘whipping up anti-foreign sentiment’. Sounds like the work of statisticians to me.

But imagine the opposite case – what would happen if we were to have unlimited immigration? Apocalypse, according to the Daily Mail. But really, what would happen?

We already have had, historically, a policy of unlimited emigration. We didn’t really care about the indigenous people when we sent our criminals to Australia. We didn’t ask the French when we went to Canada. There are numerous examples of unlimited emigration in our history, but we don’t like it when it comes back to us.

What if we were to send back our dear Polish workers and receive in return all our pensioners from Spain? It would be another of those ‘economic storms’ blowing over the Atlantic. Immigration, in the face of a declining British population, is one of the few factors which assist in securing growth.

Already people come freely from accession countries like Romania. They can come here no problem. But as far as we are concerned, they can starve here. Because we don’t give them work permits, although we dangle some calendar years in front of them saying stay for a bit, maybe next year we’ll allow it – but we don’t. So that’s the solution? Immigration without employment? Will this help poverty, will this help crime?

When people come to this country despite our attitudes there’s something of a compliment in that. So what if, for a little while, lots of people came? I want my kids to grow up in a school surrounded by lots of different cultures and languages. I want them to learn about life in the world outside our island bubble, and feel like a global citizen. I want them to learn how to cook.

Nobody has a deed to this island.


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