David Cameron / Gordon Brown on expenses

May 13, 2009

GB is damaged property as far as the press are concerned – even when he does something good, which actually does happen sometimes, he won’t get enough credit.

Although mainstream media frequently deride the assumption that ‘They are all at it’ its the only view thats been robust to the revelations of the last week. All MPs have to be audited and exposed, in a political context. They don’t care about accountability to the public, so get as much politics in it as possible and make them accountable to one another.

I prefer GB’s proposal to audit all MPs to David Cameron’s forcing just a few people who comprise the shadow cabinet to repay.Ideally you might have both – all MPs should repay.

That repayment should be compulsory but better the reward for the Lib and Lab MPs  who repay now, voluntarily.

The solution isn’t to simply reduce the number of MPs, but being from Scotland, I would say this.


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