This election looks like free publicty for the BNP

May 9, 2009

Its not just Gordon Brown who seems to do anything except be a true figurehead. Party leaders need to take on so called ‘extreme’ parties such as the BNP, not just spin their own lines and present their own policies.

Its not sufficient to just call the BNP racist.
Many British people would be sympathetic to the front page of the BNP website. There is a racist undercurrent beyond the core vote and the BNP know that.
Racism is everywhere in Britain. If you are from Romania you can come here but not work, just starve. If you are French its different. ‘British jobs for British workers’ can just as easily be from Labour as the BNP. The clothes we wear are frequently made by slaves, we just don’t even realise they are there – they’re like, the invisibles, untouchables, the Dalit. And its not that they’re only abroad, they can be in the UK, immigrants made to work in dangerous low paid conditions.

Why can’t we just defeat the BNP through actual argument. You deny platforms and relegate people to the extremes and people will never be able to counter their argument when they first hear it.

How about this?

Remember make poverty history? The BNP want to stop ALL FOREIGN AID 

Glad to see diversity in schools and workplace? The BNP want to send back ALL IMMIGRANTS and even use tax payers money to pay them to leave. So goodbye international students, foreign billionaires, the economy…commonwealth and american immigrants…(altho im personally in favour of immigration in a general way)

They want to introduce national service. Is that something you want given our current foreign policy? The new one would be to leave NATO.

They want capital punishment by DNA. Oh dear. 

I mean come on, the policies they do propose are not terribly sophisticated. But they seem to be beyond the current generation of politicians to counter. 

You will never find a more easy enemy to beat. It’ll be a boost to Labour if Brown defeats them first. He, Clegg, Cameron, the Queen or anyone, could completely wipe the floor with them in a televised debate.


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